This page contains taxonomic and geographic information about the groups of organisms that are investigated at INBio, for which they have been collected in Costa Rica. Most of these specimens are kept in the biological collections of the institute and the associated information has been entered, validated and organized in Atta, the system of information on biodiversity.

The groups of organisms mentioned include animals, plants and fungi. The animals are represented by marine and terrestrial molluscs, nematodes and arthropods (insects and spiders). The plant group covers the country´s flora, and the fungi group covers macro and microfungi.

To find the information associated with the specimens, please select one of the three names of kingdoms indicated in this page. If you choose the option "Lists of families" (plants), your search will start at the family level.

The information presented in this section is the result of groupwork and sponsoring from many people and organizations. To all of them our sincere gratitud.

Lists of Kingdoms

Animalia (last updated: March, 2004)

Fungi (last updated: March, 2004)

Plantae - Lista de familias (last updated: March, 2004)

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