The Training unit is part of the institutional effort for sharing, disseminating and popularizing ideas, values, information, knowledge and experience about biodiversity and its sustainable uses.

Some of its activities are programmed, while others are adapted to the specific needs of the interested institutions or sectors. The modalities used include courses, workshops, internships with specialized officials or work teams, demonstration tours, talks and conferences with high level specialists and the joint organization of congresses, seminars and symposia with other institutions.

The Training unit’s task goes beyond the simple transfer of knowledge; through its work, INBio contributes to capacity-building efforts with various sectors of the national and international community that work in the fields of science, business, education, conservation and other areas. The main training audiences include governmental institutions, conservation NGOs, research centers, academics and university students, production companies, media and naturalist guides.


To contact the Training unit:

Annia Cordero
Phone: (506) 507 8279
Fax: (506) 2507 8274

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