Biodiversity Prospecting

The systematic search for new sources of chemical compounds, genes, proteins, microorganisms, and other products with potential economic value present in our biotic resources is one of several activities included among INBio's efforts towards saving, knowing, and using Costa Rican biodiversity.

INBio's Bioprospecting Program uses the information generated by the national biodiversity inventory to carry out research that adds value and knowledge to existing resources.

Bioprospecting is immersed within the "Core Institutional Process", mainly in the generation and processing of information regarding potential biodiversity uses.


To contact the Bioprospecting Unit :

Ana Lorena Guevara
Telephone:(506) 2507-8106

Photo: Monika Graff, INBio

Photo: Fabio Hidalgo, INBio

Photo:Monika Graff, INBio
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