Volunteer Program (Internship)

Volunteer (Intern) at INBio: Person that offers his/her services or carries out duties voluntarily, without remuneration, accepting the procedures and regulations of INBio. For more information, please contact: Recursos humanos.

Requirements for foreign volunteers
Requirements for national volunteers
  1. Three-month minimum stay.
  2. Full coverage of food, lodging and transportation expenses.
  3. Proof of medical insurance with coverage for injuries.
  4. Basic knowledge of Spanish language.
  5. Must present a recommendation letter from the person or institution that supports the internship.
  6. Must present Curriculum Vitae with references.
  7. Must be willing to collaborate in institutional activities that may not be in the work plan.
  8. Must check with a financial institution in their country that can provide financial services in Costa Rica.
  9. Must commit in writing to carry out the activities that INBio will assign in the work plan.
  1. One-month minimum collaboration.
  2. Must cover transportation expenses.
  3. Must have medical insurance (Student, volunteer, professional risks, etc.)
  4. Must present a recommendation letter from the person, company, organization or institution that supports the internship, together with the application.
  5. Must hand over the available working hours to collaborate at INBio.
  6. Must be willing to assist in institutional activities that may not be in the work plan.
Obligations of INBio
  1. INBio will accept volunteers only when there is a need for collaboration within its Programs and moreover, when there is physical space and necessary equipment available.
  2. The application will be reviewed by the Program involved, in order to verify that the requirements of the work plan agree to the profile of the volunteer, in order to make the decision of accepting the internship or not.
  3. INBio will supply a work plan and a responsible person for the duties before the arrival of the volunteer.
  4. INBio will provide the physical space and the adequate equipment for development of his/her work.
  5. INBio will impart an initiation about its fields of work, as well as a tour through the facilities, which will be responsibility of the person in charge of the intern.
  6. INBio must explain clearly the working procedures and indicate the volunteer what subject or information must be treated as confidential.
  7. INBio will evaluate performance as well as behavior of the volunteer. In the event the evaluation is negative, INBio would end the services of the volunteer.
Facilities that INBio offers
  1. Electronic mail account.
  2. 10% discount at El Ojoche gift shop at INBioparque and Expoventa.
  3. Free admission to INBioparque.
  4. Access to in house Doctor.
  5. Participation at all INBio activities.
  6. Credits to the volunteer for any product (photograph, drawing, design, translations, etc.) carried out during the internship.
  7. Whenever possible, INBio will cover expenses (food, transportation and lodging) in order for the volunteer to participate in at least one field tour, as long as the volunteer has the proper insurance up to date.
  8. Laundry service (use of the coin washer and dryer).
Obligations of the Volunteer
  1. The volunteer must follow the established rules for the personnel, inside the premises and at any activity of the institution.
  2. The volunteer must base the relationship with INBio and its employees on respect and collaboration.
  3. The volunteer must come to work within the agreed hours with the interested Program. If there is a need to work on weekends, holidays or after hours, he/she must present the Security officer a written permit issued by the corresponding Program.
  4. The volunteer must follow the following security dispositions:
    • Must wear an identification badge inside the premises
    • Must not enter closed areas without authorization
    • Valued objects must be left at the place assigned for them. INBio will not be responsible for any loss of personal belongings.
    • Must not introduce strangers to the institution without prior consent.
    • It is forbidden to be under the effects of alcohol or any illegal drug inside the premises. If a person is detected in that condition, security officers will ask them to leave the premises and the internship could be terminated.
    • It is forbidden to take equipment out of the buildings without the corresponding form duly filled out and approval of the security officer.
    • Must obey all indications given by Security of INBio.
  5. The volunteer must deal directly with the person(s) in charge designated by INBio. If there is a question or need, it must be directed through these people or the ones indicated during the initiation.
  6. The name of INBio must not be used for personal issues (study or work) without prior consent
  7. All products such as photographs, drawings, designs, didactic material, translations or investigations carried out with materials and equipment of INBio during the stay of the volunteer, are property of INBio, and therefore the original must remain at the institution.
  8. Volunteers must respect confidentiality requested for specific subjects and information during their initiation.
  9. INBio will not provide telephone service for personal national or international calls. There are pay phones inside the facilities, or a prepaid calling card can be purchased for that purpose.
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