Development and Negotiation
  • Training in negotiation and legal framework
Sample Management
  • Training in Bioprospecting oriented collection techniques
  • Identification and search for species of commercial interest
  • Studies of biodiversity in permanent parcels
  • Phytochemical validation of medicinal plants
  • Training in chromatographic analysis applied to plants
  • Analysis using NMR
  • Preparation and lyophilization of extracts
  • Development of extracts and phytopharmaceuticals
  • Development of analysis methods through HPLC
  • Analysis, isolation, and characterization of organic compounds· Obtaining tinctures and essential oils
  • Plant tissue culture and in vitro conservation protocols
  • Microbiological water analysis
  • Microbial count in soil samples
  • Molecular taxonomy
  • Lyophilization of vaccines
  • Bioassays

More information: Biodiversity Prospecting


To contact the Bioprospecting unit:

Ana Lorena Guevara
Phone: (506) 2507-8106

Photo: Fabio Hidalgo, INBio

Photo: Fabio Hidalgo, INBio

Photo: Fabio Hidalgo, INBio
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