At INBioparque we’re all ready to have a party because... it’s your birthday! You choose the theme:

  • Titin and friends
  • Morfi and his world
  • Pepegallo and his farm
  • Boafestin and his secrets

We organize the birthday party – all you have to do is hand out the invitations that we provide to your friends and come celebrate with us surrounded by Nature.

Each of your guests will receive a sticker of the character that you would most like to meet and whom you will visit on a guided tour full of interesting stories and activities. You will also have fun making a handicraft to take home as a souvenir of your birthday party.

You and your friends will spend three hours in a special room decorated with balloons and special party mats, where there will be children’s music, games and prizes.

For your meal you can choose hot dogs, hamburgers or chicken nuggets, accompanied by soft drinks, potato chips and ice cream. Everyone gets to eat cake and break open a piñata. For the grownups we provide coffee or refreshments.

At the end of the party you’ll take home lots of presents from your guests, plus a gift from INBioparque, and many more surprises!

Celebrate your next birthday in INBioparque! More information at: inbioparque@inbio.ac.cr

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