Updating my knowledge of biodiversity.

Our goal is to support teacher training on topics related to biodiversity and also suggest some useful learning tools.

I teach, I learn and I play with biodiversity!

Grownups also play! And they apply dynamics and activities that support learning about biodiversity.

Art and biodiversity: let's learn how to bring puppets to life

Students consider them as friends and trust them. The purpose of this workshop is to learn how to make puppets and design a theatrical play, as a learning tool that focuses on biodiversity.

Surprise your students, be their guide at INBioparque

The Program: "Acacia: Allied with Nature", offers you an opportunity to be your students' "star guide" and to give your lessons outdoors, away from the classroom.... at INBioparque.


By participating in an orientation program that will introduce you to INBioparque and help you explore the thematic areas and contents of the study program that you will cover with your students during the year. In addition, for each visit to this program, your school will be able to accumulate points using a card that allows you to obtain some of our educational materials completely free of charge.

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