INBioparque is an amazing educational facility that offers students an interactive experience with Nature, a place where they can learn about Costa Rica’s biological diversity and the importance of conserving it.

You can choose from several learning activities for your students at INBioparque:

Guided Tour along the Trails
D uring a 2-hour tour of our representative samples of Rainforest, Dry Forest and Central Valley Forest, the students will encounter many species that live in these areas including bullet ants, boas, frogs and caimans. They will also visit the Butterfly Garden and the Lagoon. This tour is complemented with a video presentation, a visit to the different modules and a Sound and Light Show on Costa Rica’s Protected Wildlife Areas.

Package including Guided Tour and Interactive Workshop
Select one of the guided tours with the workshop of your choice or that of your students. They will learn about their chosen subject during a period of 4 hours.

Guided Tour around the " The Farm and the Livestock Farm"
During this 1 hr: 30 minute tour, the students will experience and enjoy the bountiful riches of Nature and learn how human beings have domesticated part of the Earth’s biodiversity in order to use it sustainably

Interactive Workshops
These are practical experiences in which students carry out manual tasks, attend a lecture or an activity and hike through the forest.


List of Workshops
The country where I live.
Pre-school and Primary school students

Identify our country’s biological treasures

Knowing our biodiversity.
Pre-school and Primary school students

Teach students about the diversity of living creatures that live in our country.

The wonders of the tropical forest.
Pre-school and Primary school students

Discover the ecological relationships between some of the organisms that inhabit the tropical rainforest.

Nature’s Detectives.
Primary school students
Encourage the use of the senses to explore our biodiversity.
Forests are important.
Identify the importance of the uses and services provided by forests.
Parataxonomists for a day: insects or plants.
Primary school students
Appreciate the contribution made by parataxonomists to the knowledge, protection and use of biodiversity.
Cost of guided tour:
1. 200 colones.
Cost of interactive workshops: 1. 700 colones.
Cost of tour and workshop package: 2. 750 colones p/p
Minimum group size: 10 estudiantes

Tour and Workshop Schedules: Tuesday through Friday 8:00 a.m., 9:00 a.m., 10:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m.

Contact us: Telephones - 2507-8107 / 2507-8138 / 2507-8141

The contents of all our educational activities complement the Costa Rican Ministry of Public Education (MEP) study programs and are especially designed for pre-school and primary school children.

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