INBioparque is an amazing educational facility that offers students an interactive experience with Nature and helps them to discover the reasons for Costa Rica’s enormous biological diversity and the importance of conserving it. If they so wish, students may also visit the collection of arthropods and/or the Bio-prospecting laboratories or attend a lecture given by one of our experts.

Visit the Collection of Arthropods

INBio’s Arthropod Unit is devoted to the generation of information on Costa Rica’s insects and arachnids, whose diversity is estimated at some 365,000 different species. During the visit, students will learn about the work of collecting in the field (parataxonomists), as well as how to determine the identity, geographical and temporal distribution, natural history, conservation status and potential use of insects and arachnids. They will also visit part of INBio’s collection of nearly three million specimens.

Visit to the Bio-prospecting Laboratories:
(minimum of 15 people)

Visitors to the bio-prospecting labs have an opportunity to see the different processes used in the search for chemical substances and genes present in plants, insects, marine organisms and micro-organisms, which may be used by the pharmaceutical, medical, biotechnology and cosmetic industries, and also in nutritional and agricultural applications. They will also learn about the different agreements made with various national and international institutions to develop new products of commercial interest.

General Lecture Program in Spanish: (minimum of 15 people)


  • Importance and use of mollusks
  • Basic taxonomy of Gastropods and Bivalves
  • The study of terrestrial mollusks in Costa Rica
  • Program to Support the Development of Biodiversity by Small Businesses INBio-B
  • Modern biotechnology and biodiversity
  • INBio’s experience in the sustainable use of biodiversity through bio-prospecting
  • Search for new biodiversity products: adding value to biological diversity through bio-prospecting
  • NBio’s experience in the sustainable use of biodiversity
  • INBio and its bio-prospecting strategy
  • Use of Biodiversity: Strategic Action Unit– Bio-prospecting
  • The advantages of bio-prospecting, INBio’s experience
  • Strategic Action Unit -Bio-prospecting: the Experience of INBio
  • Mutually agreed conditions for granting CPI
  • Mapping the diversity of Costa Rica’s ecosystems
  • Biodiversity in Costa Rica or Biodiversity and Environment in Mesoamerica
  • Genesis of INBioparque
  • Recreational, educational and cultural activities
  • Costa Rica: its place in the tropical world
  • Conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity: evaluating Costa Rica’s experience
  • Conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity: INBio’s experience

General Lecture Program in English:
(minimum of 15 people)


  • INBio Prospecting Biodiversity for pest control
  • INBio and Its Bioprospecting Strategy
  • The experience of INBio in Conservation and Sustainable use of Biodiversity
  • INBio- Bioprospecting Developing Products Through Strategic Partnerships
  • Developing Bioprospecting Collaboration Agreements: The INBio Experience
  • INBioparque´s Genesis
  • Biodiversity conservation and sustainable use: The experience of INBio”
  • Practical experiences on Freshwater Preservation through Voluntary Environmental Agreements (VEAs)”
  • Ecotourism and communities: opportunities and challenges”
  • Conservation and sustainability: the Guanacaste experience
  • Brief analysis on the emergence of Costa Rica’s national biodiversity policy
  • Biodiversity in Costa Rica or Mesoamerican Biodiversity
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