Contribute to our efforts to conserve the country's biodiversity by participating in our Donations, Sponsorship or Membership Programs.


If you wish to support INBioparque and its efforts to promote bio-literacy, you can make a donation to the Asociación Instituto Nacional de Biodiversidad , account No 100-01-031-000638-0 of the Banco Nacional or 001-149738-3 of the Banco de Costa Rica.


Your company may choose to sponsor one of INBioparque's attractions. This contribution will be used for maintenance, research, collection of species and the dissemination of knowledge to the thousands of visitors who come to enjoy INBioparque each year.

As an additional benefit, all contributions made to our institution are tax deductible. Contact us.


We plan to launch an attractive membership plan very soon. Be on the lookout for further news.


Photo: Patricia Quirós

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