A Natural Experience

Our adventure begins at INBioparque, just 20 minutes away from San José. An amazing park where you can experience the sounds and sights of Costa Rican nature, while walking along interpretative trails. INBioparque is a great introduction to the vast world of biological diversity found in Costa Rica and its protected areas.

Upon arrival, you will enjoy a 15-minute video about Costa Rican biodiversity. Then, accompanied by a naturalist guide, you will marvel at the astonishing colors of our butterflies; learn from where poison dart frogs get their name; find out why it is better to avoid bullet ants, the largest in Central América; and witness a lagoon through an underwater glass window.
A quiet guided walk through samples of the pre-mountainous forest, the rainforest and the dry forest, could give you the opportunity to encounter white tale deer, sloths, iguanas, boas and turtles.

Before experiencing a light and sound show highlighting Costa Rica's protected areas, you will visit " La Finca" where we cultivate a variety of natural products.

Our visit to the INBioparque will conclude with a delicious typical lunch in the Heliconias restaurant. After this fascinating introduction to the flora and fauna of Costa Rica, we travel about an hour to arrive to our next exciting destination, the Rain Forest Aerial Tram - Caribbean. This private reserve adjacent to Braulio Carrillo National Park is a sanctuary that holds an eco tourism park and research facilities unique in the world. On the way into the park we'll stop briefly to enjoy the impressive panoramic views of giant rainforest trees spread out as far as the eye can see.

We'll see a 15-minute video about the creation of the Rain Forest Aerial Tram and then join an expert naturalist guide who will lead us on a 45-minute hike through an easy walking trail deep in the heart of the forest. As we board the tram and move silently through the rainforest in open gondolas, you will discover plants and animals that have been hidden in the forest canopy. As we skim the forest floor and then soar above the treetops, we'll enjoy incredible hanging gardens and experience great beauty and extraordinary biological diversity. After the tram ride, we'll enjoy a delicious coffee in our open-air cafeteria in the jungle, with time to enjoy the surrounding grounds before heading back to San Jose.

Daily departure, full day tour.

Package Includes:

  • Transportation to and from San José}
  • Bilingual guide during the entire trip
  • Entrance fees to INBioparque and Rainforest Aerial Tram - Caribbean
  • Lunch
  • Snack

Photos: Roberto Pacheco, Gilberto Bolaños

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